What is self loading moving

Self loading is an awesome way to save money and reduce stress when moving residentially or commercially with in New Zealand. We can deliver one of two sized shipping containers to your location (either 20ft or 40ft in length) and you fill it with your belongings yourself; in your own time! Or we can provide labour to help load or unload with you.

Come moving day we simply pick the container up for you and deliver it to your new address. Or alternatively, we can even place it in temporary secure storage for you if need be anywhere in New Zealand.

What are the benefits of self loading?

Customers looking for an affordable moving option should consider using the self-loading shipping container service. We make the whole process as easy as possible - especially on your wallet.

Many of our customers love the fact that they are not under huge pressure on moving day to optimise the time and space they have available for their move - or the time provided by their moving company. With a self loading container:

You pack the container at your own speed.

You can chip away at getting your precious belongings sorted out and packed, as and when you have the time
We can provide you with all the boxes and packing materials you need for sturdy and safe stowing

Save money

If you pack your belongings yourself, you'll save money by not paying our professional packaging experts do this for you.

Reduce clutter when moving in

At your destination you can unload your belongings from the container at your own speed. Your new location won't be cluttered with boxes and belongings to trip over and sort through!

Temporary storage options

If you need some time between moves for whatever reason (differing settlement dates etc.) it's super easy and cost-effective for us to store your container for you until it is needed.

Is self loading safe and secure?

Yes! Shipping containers are made of extremely strong steal to withstand the rigours of international shipping; from port movement to train and truck loadings, they are designed to keep the goods - your goods - inside safe and dry.

Give the team a call on 0800 2 pack u (0800 272 258) or fill out the quote form to learn more about the benefits of self loading and how helpful this moving option can be.

We are happy to assist you with you up and coming move.